Najmus has been established since 2002 and has become a leading force, specialising in the importation of high quality foods from both Thailand & Australia. The company supplies a broad range of products to independent retail outlets, convenience stores and major multinationals and department stores. 


In 2004, a man with a vision to change the agricultural landscape of Thailand and an experienced berry grower had an idea for a new kind of berry farm. They would sow the fertile highlands of Thailand and apply collectively, their vast berry-growing and management knowledge to create a burgeoning berry company. They would go on to forge stronger ties and deliver attentive customer service. Thus was born the "Najmus" Farms.


Najmus is a manufacturer and producer of a wide range of canned fruit and vegetable products, fresh fruit and vegetables, spices and herbs and frozen fruits and vegetables. All of the raw materials are harvested at just the right moment and are guaranteed to be of premium quality. The company is accredited to GAP and HCC.

It wasn't long before customers noticed the unique quality of the "Najmus" brand and the extra care that went into growing and packing the berries. Soon, the orders began to multiply.

In the years since, Najmus has worked hard at establishing itself as a preferred name in the Strawberry business. We now market our line of premium produce across the Dubai and Australia our shores.

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